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Elder Orphan Donation

1 in 4 people over age 65 is an "Elder Orphan," someone aging alone without a spouse, partner or children to support or advocate for their care. 

Any and all donations will be used to distribute items that meet the social, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of aging adults without family or friends.

Selective Senior Gifts is not a tax deductible charity.

  • $15 donation = One Elder Orphan Receives a Box of Love
  • $30 donation = 2 Elder Orphans will experience a Box of Jo
  • $60 donation = Will bring 4 Elder Orphans a Joy Filled Day
  • $120 donation = You will be hearing the oohs and awes of 8 Happy Elders
  • $150 donation = 10 Elder Orphans will experience the feeling of being thought of
Shipping Information

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Our Gift Philosophy

Our three part philosophy includes items that bring Joy, Humor and Fun, some that are Practical or Functional and most importantly items to help keep the Mind and Memory sharp.

As you age the eyes get weaker, the hands and lips get drier, you get chilled easily, and scents and sweets remind you of good memories of the past.

Our Purpose

Each gift box has a selection of handpicked items that we believe will help alleviate the effects of extended isolation. Gifts that help pass the time and that relieve stress, engage their senses, and satisfy their sweet tooth.