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Every human is created for community, without community, a person languishes. Many senior citizens are without that community. For some, the blame can be placed at the feet of the coronavirus pandemic. Or perhaps there simply are no family or friends. 

For many “elder orphans”, there simply are no visits, phone calls, cards, or gifts to look forward to.

We have kept the “elder orphans” in mind as we have developed our vision and intend to reach as many of them as we can. You can help us! When you purchase a gift box for your loved one, you will have the option of donating towards our Elder Orphan Gift Boxes. Your donation will be added to those of many other individuals, charities, and companies, and $15 Elder Orphan Gift Boxes will be delivered to various charities and religious organizations who also support and connect with seniors. As much as a gift box will bring a sense of connection and happiness to a senior with family, how much more will a donated gift box touch the life of a senior who has absolutely no community?

You can brighten the life of an elder who is alone. Let’s put smiles in the hearts of our senior population today, together!

They are all around us...

Partners that Share our Heart for Seniors