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Our Mission

At this time, there are around 13.8 million seniors aging alone. It is our desire to step into the void and bring joy, love, and connection into every one of their lives. Our vision is to change the world one box, and one senior, at a time. Selective Senior Gifts aims to make connecting with aging loved ones convenient and meaningful. Gifting is an art that requires attention to detail, research, and a talent for merging the world of both the giver and receiver.

Together we can bring dignity and joy back into the lives of the elderly in our communities.

Our Heart

In 2018, it was found that an estimated one in five people older than 50 are affected by isolation. By June 2020, the COVID pandemic made that number spike to two in five older adults (41%). (see the research here) Chronic loneliness affects memory, mental and physical health, and longevity. Isolation, which is different then loneliness, can have prolonged effects on quality of life. Loneliness is something that is subjective where isolation happens when we have minimal contact with others.

Isolation, since Covid, is something we can all identify a little closer with. Imagine living in that state, not because of a health pandemic that everyone shared, but because there was no one to share life with. There is a specific demographic within the aging community where this is their norm, we will discuss this group and how to help in the following section (so keep reading!).

To fill the void between aging adults, their families and society, we co-founded Selective Senior Gifts. When Trina and Cindy see an elderly person alone they don’t ask, “why is no one with them?” For these two women the question has always been, “May we join you?” Trina and Cindy are drawn to the elderly community, to those who are separated from or have no family members to watch over them. They’ve dedicated their time and hearts to bringing joy, laughter, and connection to as many seniors as possible. When you love and give your heart to the elderly, the affection and joy is returned tenfold.

Our Gift

Gift giving is an art that requires more than putting pretty items in a box. Every piece that goes into these gift boxes are selected with purpose and tested for and by seniors.

Family members and friends can purchase a gift box that is delivered directly to their loved one. Included in the box is a framed picture of the family or an encouraging quote along with curated gifts that fall into one of three categories: joy, memory maintenance, and practicality.

Did you know that 1 in 4 older adults are elder orphans? An elder orphan is someone who is aging alone, have little to no support system, and are socially and/or physically isolated. Right now the number is 1 in 4 but as the U.S. population continues to age so will this demographic.

They have a special place in their hearts for these men and women who are aging alone. That’s why they created the Elder Orphan Gift Box. These boxes are filled with love and specially selected gifts. By partnering with charities and religious organizations who support and connect with seniors, Selective Senior Gifts is able to reach more elder orphans. For a small donation of $15, you can be a part of sharing love and joy to a lonely individual.

Our Focus

Are you separated due to circumstance or location from an elderly family member? Do you have a special connection with an older friend? Are you looking to show them that even though you aren’t physically present your heart is always with them?

Right now, there is a great deal of frustration when trying to connect with our parents and grandparents through paned glass windows, technology they do not understand, or phone calls when hearing aids go missing.

Not being able to touch, to hug, to hold hands and share the simple moments in the same way that we did prior to COVID has put a strain on all of our hearts.

We are all juggling a new normal but with all the old responsibilities, frustrations, and guilt.

Whether you are separated from your loved one because of distance or quarantines, we can help you honor and care for your elders. Trust us with putting the right gift into their hands and making the experience as meaningful for you as it is for them.

Gift giving isn’t about extravagance. It’s about sentiment. It’s about saying to someone I see you, I miss you, and I love you. It is a reminder every time they see their gift that you love and value them.

- Trina and Cindy

Our Team