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The Top 10 Best Gifts for Aging Seniors

The holidays are quickly approaching, but honestly, that’s not the only reason to pick up a thoughtful gift for grandma or a practical gift for grandpa. Gifts for aging seniors, family or friends, are a great way to remind them you care. Social distancing has made relationships all the more precious. It has also required an extra dose of intentionality in every interaction we have with one another.
Gifts for the aging seniors in your life need to be carefully chosen, have meaning and purpose. They need to communicate that you care and look forward to the day when you can hug one another again despite the distance.
At Selective Senior Gifts, we know how vital these relationships are. It’s why we put so much care into every box we create. Following are ten of the best gift ideas for seniors and why they made the list.


Pictures of family

Photos help establish relationships. In normal times they are great tools to help loved ones with dementia. Right now, they are a way to keep older family members actively engaged in your life. It is a reference point for them to look at and a fond loving keepsake to remind them they are not alone.
Books, all types
Did you know books have health benefits? They can reduce stress, provide mental stimulation, and help improve memory. Now that they are available in audio, large print, and electronically they are more accessible than ever.

Personal Care Items

Getting to the store isn’t as easy as it once was, not only because of COVID. Aging seniors face additional challenges with transportation, mobility, forgetfulness, finances, and more. Sending a care package full of personal care items sends the message that their everyday needs matter, that they matter to you.


Cozy Items for warmth

What feels like a slight drop in temperature in your youth is significantly colder in our later years. As we age, our circulation decreases, and the fat layer under our skin thins, causing our body to get colder faster. Sending an afghan or a shawl is like sending a warm hug.


Favorite snacks or cookies

Taste is connected to memory. The right foods taste and feel good, triggering memories from childhood. Think for a moment of your favorite food and instantly be transported to a memory tied to it—you’re giving more than a simple treat when you send someone their favorite snack.


Magazine subscriptions

Similar to books, magazines provide mental stimulation. They are also a gift that keeps on giving. Every time the favorite magazine is delivered, the receiver will think of the one who gave it and remember how much you care.

Magnifying glasses

As we age, our eyesight decreases. A magnifying glass is the perfect pairing with a book or magazine subscription.

Safety and security items

Safety and security items are practical and send a message that you care for their wellbeing. Aging alone brings with it risks of falling, vulnerability, and uncertainty. Safety and security items provide peace of mind to both the giver and receiver.

Prepared Meal Delivery

Leaving the house is risky and challenging for your loved one. Gifting them delivered prepared meals is a great way to show your love and support. There are plenty of local restaurants and businesses that are currently adopting new practices and are looking to keep and serve their clients.

Gifts that entertain

Puzzles, coloring books, and a favorite music album are all great gifts to keep your aging loved one’s mind engaged and time occupied. All three provide opportunities to relax while also keeping the mind active.

Gift-giving isn’t about extravagance. Oftentimes it is the simplest gifts that mean the most--a shared memory, something that says I haven’t forgotten, and you are still important in my life. The gift you are giving is your love, the message you are sending is that they are remembered.